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Since I live in Massachusetts, it’s probably not a big surprise that it’s the #1 tag on the site.

MA 88

General Routing

Horseneck Beach to Fall River


Shows as under construction in 1959 and completed by 1966.

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MA 17



This appears to be one of the more interesting routings in Massachusetts. My 1923 ALA Guide indicates that NE-17 was routed from Hudson, NY to Great Barrington, MA. It then headed south to Norfolk, CT and then out to Westerly RI via Hartford and Norwich. My 1930 ALA confirms this routing in maps; except that it went via modern US 7 & US 44 via Canaan, CT; it is unclear whether this route was used for the 1923 version. (The other possibility being that it ran through New Marlboro via modern MA 57 and CT 272; this seems fairly unlikely to me, though.)

My 1933 map shows 17 only between Hillsdale, NY and Great Barrington. (17 still extended into New York through 1928.) By 1939, the road between Great Barrington and Woronoco had been upgraded; both it and the road between Hillsdale and Great Barrington bear the number MA 23. However, a 17 also appears alongside the 23 designation near West Otis. By 1942, the 17 designation was completely missing.

17 reappeared when modern I-95 was created north of Danvers between 1953 and 1956. US 1 was routed onto the highway; what is now US 1 was given the number 17. By 1959, the highway had become I-95 and US 1 was put back onto the old routing, once again eliminating 17.

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General Routing

Ashley Falls


Both are original routings of US 7, and were reassigned 7A between 1961 and 1966.

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MA 117

General Routing

Leominster to Waltham

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Brief multiplex with MA 70 near Lancaster.
Cosigned with MA 62 from Stow to Maynard.


Basically the same since 1930.

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MA 67

General Routing

Palmer to Barre Plains via N. Brookfield.

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Multiplexed with MA 9 west of W. Brookfield.
Multiplexed with MA 148 near N. Brookfield.
Multiplexed with MA 19 in Warren.


In 1930, the section between modern US 20 and modern 9 was part of US 20. By 1933, that section was unnumbered and 67 had been assigned to the road from E. Brookfield to Barre Plains. By 1939, 67 was on to its current routing.

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Dan Vincent’s MA 67 page

MA 183

General Routing

CT line in Montville to Lenox

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Cosigned with MA 57 from New Marlborough to MA 23, with MA 23 to Great Barrington and US 7 north of Great Barrington.


The northern section was signed between 1930 and 1933. The southern section only appears on state maps from 1999 and 2001; I plan to go take a look eventually and see how well the signage supports this.

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MA 18

General Routing

New Bedford to Weymouth via Bridgewater and Abington .

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Freeway from US 6 to I-195.

Cosigned with MA 105 just south of Lakeville.
Cosigned with MA 28 from I-495 to Bridgewater. Picks up MA 104 briefly at the northern end.
Brief multiplex with MA 106 in East Bridgewater.


In 1930, the section north of Bridgewater was part of MA 102. South of Bridgewater wasn’t shown on the map. By 1933, the route existed as it does now north of MA 140. It appears that 140 was moved slightly west between 1953 and 1956, and 18 was extended south to cover the old routing of 140 south of their junction.

Between 1967 and 1969, the 140 expressway was proposed to run south to meet I-195 just west of New Bedford. 18 took over the former routing of 140 through New Bedford. The 1970 state highway map shows a small section of divided highway in New Bedford south of 195 to Pearl St. AAA shows the divided section extending south to US 6 by 1975; the state shows it by 1979.

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MA 102

General Routing

NY line in West Stockbridge to Lee

Upgrades and Multiplexes

Cosigned with MA 41 in West Stockbridge.


102 began as early as 1930 connecting Taunton to Weymouth via Bridgewater & Whitman. It appears that section north of Bridgewater was renumbered to MA 18 by 1933, with MA 104 taking the part south of Bridgewater.

In 1930, the section of modern 102 from West Stockbridge to Lee was part of MA 141. (There wasn’t any connection west from West Stockbridge to New York.) This section was renumbered to 102 by 1933; the road west is shown but does not appear to carry a number until possibly as early as 1939 (the maps are unclear, but where in 1936 it is shown as different from the rest of 102, in 1939 it is shown more similarly). From 1939-1942 (at least, it could be as long a range as 1936-1945), the New York side of the road was numbered 432. The first definitive sign that 102 made it to the border appeared in 1950.

Currently continues across NY line as a secret (unsigned) state route, number 980D.

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MA 143

General Routing

Hinsdale to Williamsburg

Upgrades & Multiplexes

Multiplex with MA 112 in Worthington.


Originally numbered MA 109A (1930). Was renumbered to 143 by 1933.

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